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SPD Emergency

    It was a typical day in New Tech City and little Tony Wyzek was on the streets trying to make a living and hopefully find some food for lunch too, since he was an orphan and had no other way to survive besides stealing. “Hey you! Get back here!” someone shouted, as Tony ran away from the restaurant with a sandwich in hand and some money from the vending machine as well. He was so focused on where he was going that he failed to notice the boy with reddish blond hair coming the other way. A moment later, the two boys collided with each other, causing Tony to drop his sandwich and the other boy to drop the food he was carrying. The two boys locked eyes and noticed they were both alone. Tony introduced himself to the boy, who introduced himself as Sam. Both boys discovered they had at least two things in common: they were orphans and they both had strange powers. Sam had remote teleportation. Tony had telekinesis and telepathy. The two boys became fast friends.

    The next day, Sam asked the kids on the playground if he could play with them, while Tony went to get them some food. The kids refused, and Sam used his powers to teleport the ball. They thought he was a freak. With no friends except Tony, Sam was comforted by Cindy Sunshine. She was being voiced by Mora who promised she’d be Sam’s friend if he helped her. Mora had drawn and brought to life Bugglesworth, and sent him to Earth. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers tried to make sense of their special powers. Bugglesworth piloted a giant robot to attack the city. The Rangers dispatched the Delta Runners from the Delta Base to engage the robot in battle. A building mysteriously disappeared. It appeared that Sam was behind its disappearance. Z followed him and rescued him from the other kids. Sam saved her from the Krybots by teleporting them away. The Rangers found the location of the building, which was teleported to the beach. The Rangers entered the building to discover the people inside were turned into dolls. Mora commanded Bugglesworth to capture more people for her collection. The Delta Squad Megazord engaged him in battle. Bugglesworth overpowered the Delta Squad Megazord and used its own handcuffs against the Rangers. Sam then teleported the giant robot to safety. Z tried to befriend Sam and Tony, but Sam said she wouldn’t understand them, because she had friends, unlike them. Kat informed the other Rangers that if the dolls weren’t returned to normal soon, they’d harden and be stuck forever. Gruumm threatened Mora to turn her back to the way he found her if she didn’t stop being a bother, and told Broodwing to give her a present just to shut her up. With the help of Jack, Z tried again to reach out to Sam. Bugglesworth showed up again with Mora’s present - an Orangehead Krybot. The Orangehead proved too powerful for them. Bugglesworth and Mora convinced Sam and Tony reluctantly to come with them.

    The other Rangers showed up to help Jack and Z. Sam teleported Jack, Z, and the Orangehead away. On a cliffside, Jack and Z were forced to battle against the Orangehead. Overpowered, Jack and Z were forced to retreat on the Patrol Cycle. Mora was sick playing already, and wanted Sam and Tony to help her in a plan to turn Z into her own S.P.D. doll. Meanwhile, Z told the other Rangers about her past. When she was 12, Z was made fun of by the kids for her powers just like Sam and Tony. She replicated to get away one day, but ran into an alien. That’s when a mysterious figure appeared in the Shadows and scared the predator away with a laser. Doggie informed her that he was the one in the shadows. He also explained that their parents all worked for S.P.D. and while designing the Delta Morpher technology caused them to have special powers. Z found out Sam and Tony were the last descendants of the workers and went to find them. They were interrupted by Bugglesworth and Cindy Sunshine. Bugglesworth caught Z off guard and turned her into a doll. Z explained to them that it was just a double. Sam teleported away Bugglesworth’s staff and smashed it. The Orangehead Krybot returned to launch another attack. The other Rangers showed up and they morphed together. The Power Rangers used the Canine Cannon to duel against the Orangehead Krybot. The Rangers and Orangehead struggled for victory. The Power Rangers were victorious and the Orangehead was destroyed. The Delta Squad Megazord was assembled to deal with Bugglesworth and his giant robot. Z called judgement time on Bugglesworth and he was found guilty. Bugglesworth’s robot was destroyed and he was confined for containment. With Bugglesworth contained, the people were returned to normal. The other Rangers welcomed Sam and Tony into the S.P.D. Academy. He explained that he and Tony didn’t want to hang out with them because they considered them to be too old.

Jinxed 2

    Tony Wyzeks life was pretty ordinary. He lived with his mom, dad, brother, and sister in a typical house in New York City. He went to school just like other kids. There was just one thing about Tonys life that wasnt normal or idyllic [sound of crashing]. Tonys family was cursed. Apparently at some point in the past, his great great grandfather Edward had run afoul of a woman rumored to be a witch and shed cursed him and his descendents until the end of time. To try to reduce the effects of the curse, the family had a set of rules they followed. The main one was if it can go wrong, it will. Another was, climb over three feet, youre dead meat. There were many more: never use a stool or a ladder, never use matches, be careful on road trips, stay away from canyons, and so on. No one in the family ever ran anywhere. If there was a puddle nearby, you could pretty much count on a Wyzek family member falling in it or getting splashed by it. That was just life in a cursed family.

   Now, Tony was en route to his grandfathers house in New Jersey after his house had fallen down for the fourth timethat year. Yikes! The family was prepared for situations like that and had emergency suitcases packed for the many times it happened, but it still wasnt fun, not that Tony minded seeing his grandpa, but he wished they could just stay in a hotel instead. However, every local hotel (and many non-local ones) had told them they were never ever allowed back because of the many disasters that followed in their wake. It wasnt their fault, but it did mean they were stuck hanging out with his grandpa twenty-four hours a day.

    When they arrived at the house, they discovered that Grandpa had found a new way to deal with the curse: a giant plastic ball reminiscent of a hamster ball. Just then, a flock of geese flew overhead and let loose a ton of poop. The family got their heads covered just in time. It had been one hundred years and no one in the family had tried to remove the curse. Tony never understood why theyd want to live with a curse instead of trying to get rid of it, but maybe theyd just given up. Tony wasnt sure if there was a way to remove the curse, but he at least wanted to know the story behind it. He was too late, though. His sister had found it first, in an old diary kept by their cursed ancestor. Apparently a girl named Paige Parry (who was reputed to be a witch) asked him to dance at the harvest festival dance in town and Edward (who wasnt a very good dancer) let his lucky coin decide, but unfortunately a girl who harbored feelings for Edward kissed him right in front of Paige, causing her to storm out in a rage!


Paige! No, itsits not what it looks like. Paige, wait! Paige, stop!  Paige! Paige. Paige, come on. Come back to the dance.

I never want to talk to you again, Eddie Wyzek.

She means nothing to me. So youre wearing grandmas underwear. I dont care.

You still want to dance with me? Ill flip you for it. Heads, the answer is yes. TailsI curse you and every other no-good Wyzek forever.

Whats a stupid coin know anyway? Paige, wait!



    The diary contained a rhyme that told how to seemingly get rid of the curse:

If the curse you want lifted, Find the object that was flipp-ed.

Give it to the next Parry, But be sure they take it merry.

    The object that was flipped was obviously the coin that had caused all the trouble. Unfortunately no one knew what had happened to it after Edward had thrown it away. All they knew was it had caused the town to flood. No one but Tony saw the paper that fluttered to the ground after Ellie pulled out the page with the rhyme. By harvest night complete this verse, and the Parrys will receive the curseTony read. He tried to tell his sister what he'd seen, but Ellie wasn't giving up and enlisted him to look for the hundred year-old coin in the fountain. While he was reluctantly looking in the fountain for the coin, Ellie ran into a girl she knew from school who hated her named Erica Anderson, but she also ran into a very cute boy as well named Ben Matthews! He saw that she was interested in the town's history and happened to mention the coin that had started the disaster was in the town's historical society building. Naturally that meant Ellie enlisted Tony to help get it back.

    They broke into the historical society and Tony went after the town records, while Ellie looked for the coin. Both found what they were looking for and on Tony's end, the news wasn't good. The most recent descendent of Paige Parry and the one they had to give the coin to, was Erica! They had an opportunity to give Erica the coin at the dance Ben had invited Ellie to, but unfortunately the Wyzek curse struck again and caused Ellie to spill punch all over Erica! Ben broke up the argument by saying that Erica was the one feeling sorry for herself and told Ellie he liked her, that it didn't matter what his cousin thought. Stunned that her date was related to her arch-nemesis, Ellie realized that all she had to do was give Ben the coin, but she was reluctant because she really liked him. Finally, though, she gave him the coin, which he accepted with a puzzled expression. It was done. However, only Tony knew that Ellie had just cursed Ben and Erica's family. Not even Ellie knew that she'd merely transferred the curse.

    The next day, Ellie woke up filled with joy at the idea of her first day without the curse. However, once the family discovered what she'd done, they weren't celebrating with her. They informed her she hadn't gotten rid of the curse and after seeing Ellie's puzzled look, Tony read her the rest of the verse he'd found in the diary, which plainly stated that all she'd done was curse the Parry family instead of hers. Ellie immediately set out to make things right. She only had until the flag lowering ceremony at the end of the festival to take back the curse, so she ran (yes, ran) to find Ben, only to be told by a very disheveled Erica that he was at the ceremony. In the process, the two talked and began to see each other differently. In the end, Erica came with Ellie to find Ben. Ellie climbed up to the tower to get the coin back from Ben after making sure Erica stayed put on the ground. She explained to Ben what had happened and asked him to give her back the coin, but he refused, not wanting her to be cursed with bad luck either, until finally Erica got him to give her back the coin. However, unknown to any of them, something amazing happened at that moment. The coin that had caused a town wide disaster glowed very softly for a second or two, and then the glow dissipated. Neither Ellie, Ben, or Erica saw it, but they all felt a strange feeling of peace that they hadn't felt in a long time. Ellie walked home to her family to find that things were still going well for them. Jack accused Ellie of not taking back the coin, but when she revealed she had, they realized something else was going on. Finally Tony found a small line in Edward's diary that said if a Wyzek ever loved a Parry truly then the curse would vanish forever. Ellie realized that hers and Ben's love for each other and her newfound friendship with Erica had broken the curse! Apparently love truly did conquer all.

The End

Musical Magic

    It was a typical day in Brooklyn when Tony Wyzek was walking home after meeting his friends, when he spotted a shop he’d never seen before. It was called Magical Mysteries and it drew Tony’s attention because it had so many strange things in the window. Tony walked into the shop and then noticed he wasn’t the only one who’d been drawn into the shop by the curious window display. Two other boys had been drawn in as well. The shop was filled with strange and mystical objects, but what attracted all three boys was a large locked book in a shadowy corner of the shop that seemed to glow as they approached it. When they drew near enough, Tony reached out a hand to touch it and the book opened with a rush of air, the pages blowing as if moved by an invisible wind! Just then, they saw a figure in the shadows, and when she came out, they saw she was an old woman wearing a long black dress. “Oh my gosh! You’re a…” Tony started to say. “No, don’t say it!” the woman cried. “…witch!” Andrew and Jason finished.

    The woman screamed and began to shrink, transforming into a tiny green blob. She informed them that the only way she could be changed back into her regular form was for them to become witch apprentices (witchlings) and train to become full-fledged witches so they’d have enough magic to transform her back. The woman introduced herself as Maia, the shop’s owner, and asked them their names. Tony introduced himself and learned the other boys were apparently Jason and Andrew. Maia said she’d never seen such strong magic present in three boys before. Tony, Andrew, and Jason all denied having any magical ability, but Maia told them she’d noticed the way her book reacted to them when they touched it and was astounded, stating that she’d never seen such strong magic present in three boys before. Despite their disbelief, Tony, Andrew, and Jason agreed to become her apprentices and reached into the box Tay-tay brought out, retrieving three objects from it.

    Maia explained that the objects were called taps and they would allow the user to transform into a witchling, but they would only work for their designated owner. To use it, the user had to press the musical note in the center and get the uniform that appeared on before the music stopped, otherwise it would disappear and they’d have to try again. The boys pressed the note on their taps and managed to get their uniforms on. Tony was in red, Jason in green, and Andrew in orange. Then Maia instructed them to tap out a melody of their own on the colored spheres around the edge, one unique to them, which would allow the tap to release their wandawhirl and/or broomstick. Each of them did and received a wandawhirl that looked like a long hollow tube with caps on both ends filled with colorful spheres Maia referred to as spell drops. Each spell cast with the wandawhirl used spell drops, and they weren’t cheap to get, so she warned them not to use them frivolously. The spell drops could only be purchased in Witch World and could only be bought by an apprentice using money earned from selling things they made themselves or by their witch teacher.

    In total there were nine exams, but they could only be taken at evening until they reached their last (which took place during the day and must be completed before sunset), and Maia described the tests as follows:

LEVEL 9: Mota and Motamota will request an item, usually an unusual food combination. For completing this test the witch apprentice receives a fairy.

LEVEL 8: With a time limit, the witch must take their flag and place it at the right location. Before this they are forced to answer a questionnaire about their must hated object. Said object or thing will appear before them to cause problems they must solve.

LEVEL 7: The apprentice must complete task in order to find, or receive colored rings. The map they receive will vanish when the time limit is up. For completing this exam the Apprentice can talk to plants.

LEVEL 6: The witch apprentice has to somehow get magic beads after they runs out of them. After passing, their wandawhirl will upgrade by combining it with her personal music instrument.

LEVEL 5: The witch must sculpt something out of clay but is only given vague hints as to what they must make.

LEVEL 4: The witch races in an obstacle course against the tortoise and hare. They are tied to their fairy in its clone form but will only be allowed to pass if both are beaten. The obstacles include a big wall, a sleeping portion, and running.

LEVEL 3: The witch apprentice must complete a courage test. For passing this exam they gain another acknowledgement bead.

LEVEL 2: They had to figure out the source of a problem and solve it, earning them another bead.

LEVEL 1: The witch must help someone with magic and earn a thank you. If they complete it they will gain their crystal ball, which allows unlimited magic.

    Any apprentice or witch strong enough could be offered to skip an exam and just receive the upgrade, and upon completing Level 6, the apprentice would gain his Apprentice Certificate (Certiwand in the dub). This would be used to collect Spheres of Achievement (Certisphere in the dub) and the apprentice would start to collect them for each good deed they did or whenever they passed an exam. The apprentice must gain eight before they could gain full access to their Witch title. After this, they would gain their Crystal Ball (Orball in dub), but only if the Queen believed them to be ready.

    So Tony and the others began training immediately for the fairy test, and when the evening came to take it, Tony had the toughest time staying awake and keeping his mother from finding out. He and the others passed and earned their fairies. Tony’s was named SoSo, Jason’s was Tata, and Andrew’s was named Coco. They passed the next several tests and earned the ability to talk to plants and when they passed their Level Six exam, they gained their Apprentice Certificates and brought their most treasured musical instrument to the Witch Queen in order to fuse it with their previous wand. If one of them lost their status or stopped with magic, the items would return to their original states.

    When they came to Witch World to do this, a great many of Witch World’s prominent witches were gathered to see it and Tony noticed a rather pretty young witch looking at them with a fond look in her eyes. Tony asked about her and learned her name was Talia. For some reason she looked familiar to him, and when he asked the other witchlings, they admitted the same thing, but none of them knew why. They saw her again when they came to take their Level Four Exam, which involved the witch racing in an obstacle course against a tortoise and a hare. The apprentice was accompanied by their fairy and was available for assistance throughout the race. The first obstacle was a large, vertical wall. Halfway through the course, they were tied to their fairy (in its clone form) in a three legged race. The final obstacle contained a dream portion that was required of the witch apprentice to obtain a rare butterfly. Once the witch apprentices and their fairies crossed the finish line, the apprentices passed the test. They then got another Sphere of Achievement and closing ceremony.

    For the next test, the witch apprentice had to enter three different realms and areas through three different doors. Within these rooms, the witch apprentice had to get from the door they entered from to the door that led to the next area. After an apprentice passed through the third and final area, they passed. However, there were a number of conditions: The witch had to complete the test within an hour, and they could only use their magic up to two times. For passing this exam, they gained another Sphere of Achievement. Then they had a test that required them to figure out the source of a problem and solve it, earning them yet another acknowledgement bead when they passed. Their final exam involved helping someone with magic and earning a thank-you. This was particularly hard, as they did many good deeds throughout the day, but some weren’t done with magic, others were unseen by anyone, and still others backfired badly. Just as they were beginning to give up, they spotted a cat drowning in the East River. Tony didn’t even think about the fact that he was almost out of spell drops. He just cast a spell to conjure some flying fish to carry the cat out of the river. Then Andy conjured a towel to dry the kitten off, while Jason conjured a fire to warm the shivering fur ball. The cat mewed at them, which they later discovered counted as thanks. They earned their crystal balls and were full-fledged witches at last!

    At the ceremony that night, they saw the mysterious woman again, and after the ceremony, he and the others went to talk to her. The woman told them a little about herself, including the fact that she was a mother to three sons who’d been taken away from her and Witch World when they were babies. She learned they were in the human world and made Maia promise to train them if she discovered them showing signs of magic, then had gone back to Witch World out of grief. She couldn’t believe it when she discovered that they were being trained anyway after turning Maia into a witch frog! At this, Tony realized she was referring to them as her children! After Maia came over to congratulate them, Tony asked her about what Talia had said and Maia revealed the truth: Tony, Andy, and Jason had been born in Witch World, but because of the divisiveness between wizards and witches, they’d been taken away from her as babies. Talia had made her promise to train the boys if she found them and they showed signs of magic. Years had passed before the boys walked into the shop and Maia’s spell book had opened for them, revealing their innate magical potential, so she’d been about to offer to train them when they denounced her as a witch and accidentally turned her into a witch frog. At this, Tony remembered and turned her back.

    Eventually they realized how late it was getting and they knew they had a lot to do tomorrow. It would be the boys’ first day as witches and the first day with their knowledge of their mother. Talia decided to move to the human world for the time being to keep an eye on her sons, with the boys telling their adoptive families that she was a woman they had befriended and were helping from time to time. They were able to stay close to their biological mother and hoped that one day humans would be allowed to know about magic again and they could tel their adoptive families the truth. In the meantime, they would keep up the appearance of normal kids until that day came.

I am really wishing I could draw better by hand. I want to be able to draw my characters and their outfits the way I wish without having to rely on what other people put into a design program to choose from. If anyone wants to draw my boy fairy character in the Winx style and let me see it, I'd appreciate it. I would love to see your ideas on how he should look, since the art gene skipped my generation. No, I do NOT mean he is gay for any that may be getting the wrong ideas.
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